Natural Loofah

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Natural loofahs are the dried fibrous insides of a South Asian, cucumber-like fruit.

Perfect for natural exfoliation, and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or animal sponges. 

Approx 10cm by 5cm with a 100% cotton hanging rope.  Please note: For shipping purposes loofahs may come flattened however they will revert back to their cylindrical shape once soaked. 

To use: use in the shower or bath to lather up your favourite soap or gel, gently massage the skin for a natural and light exfoliation. Hang to dry between use with the rope.

Totally biodegradable when it reaches the end of it’s life.

Why we love Rugged Nature: founded by brothers who were looking for alternative products that would not aggravate their mother’s asthma, Rugged Nature’s products are made up of a handful of natural ingredients sourced in the UK.

Ethical Credentials

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable Ingredients
  • Supporting small business


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