Lavinia Toockies Peeling Facial Cloth

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Toockies are hand knitted by talented women in India. The Toockies project is fair trade and helps support the women and their families by providing fair wages. You’ll find the name of the woman who knitted your facial cloth handwritten on the label. Made from organic, raw cotton, it will biodegrade when you’re finished with it - though that will not be for some time yet! 

To use: use this facial cloth as an alternative to harsh exfoliant, adjust the pressure yourself to what suits you. Can be used with or without a skincare product. Make sure to hang it up after use so it drys thoroughly.

Why we love Lavinia: Lavinia is a Danish run family business focused on producing sustainable and long lasting products, they are involved in projects that support hard working women in India.

Ethical Credentials

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable
  • Supporting small business


  • No packaging! Just a recyclable tag.