About us

We’re Rosemary Cottage Eco Store - hello!  

We are so passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle, and love the low waste and eco friendly products we have swapped to over the last few years - they’ve changed our lives for the better, and we know they’re doing good for the environment.  We have pulled all our favourites into one place to share them with you!  

We’re always coming across superb natural ingredients, and wonderful makers who are extremely talented and even more passionate than we are - so keep checking back to see us as we are constantly broadening our range.

Our promise to you...

All our products are low or zero waste

All our products are vegan or vegetarian

None of our products are tested on animals, only humans

We have tried all the products and truly believe in them

We’re always researching how to be more environmentally friendly

Our packaging will be as eco-friendly as possible